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Oftentimes, men call me to just “space out”. It’s not for any particular end goal or reason and that they just want to escape by hearing a sexy woman’s voice who has them focus on relaxing and that’s it. I don’t mind doing this as long as it’s discussed up front. I recently got a call like this and it was amazing – for both of us! I was able to relax and so was he. But often, I get asked to combine trance with fetishes – which is why I’m here for the most part.

Addiction to Mistress

Last week, I had a rather amazing call with someone I’ll call S who wanted me to program him to be addicted to me. I used certain triggers and phrases that combined his fetish of bondage and foot worship and then as I was programming him, he masturbated and had an orgasm. I do believe the more powerful the orgasm, the more addicted you become. Of course, you want more of those “feel-good” orgasms so the addiction becomes more and more. Hence, you become more addicted to me. See how that works?

Trance is Trippy

Being tranced takes you to a whole other time and place. I find that most submissives are more easy to mold because the willing to serve is already there. It’s a whole other relinquishing that is like no other. When you’re aware and cognizant, you might be thinking “how” I’m going to control you but when you are under trance – you’re not thinking, just taking in the messages that are being given to you and it can carry on in your mind for days and weeks. I like for it to carry on because you need to know you’re being controlled even if we’re not on the phone together. It might be something you see or hear in your everyday life and suddenly, you’re catapulted to a whole other mindset and you’re thinking of me. Needing me. Wanting me. And wanting to be controlled by me.

So next time you’re aching to be tranced – seek me out. I’ll be here waiting to take over your mind.

Mistress Liz