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Guided Persuasion Mistress Liz

Guided Persuasion Mistress Liz

Welcome! Perhaps you have been searching for more than just a quick fantasy conversation, and you are looking to deepen your experience in either your erotic life, or in your life in general. Perhaps you need to free your thoughts, and you need an active listener and guidance to help your exploration – whatever that may be.

What I offer: I offer guided meditation as a way of relaxation and gentle coercion to make you realize your true potential in either your erotic desires, or just your life in general. I also offer active listening – a way to let you unleash your burdens whether it be sexual issues, job-related, relationships or just day to day struggles. My goal is to listen, make you feel safe and to help guide you in any direction that you want to share or talk about.

What I expect from you: The willingness to open up and communicate and to explore what may come to surface and to try to let go and relax in the moment. This is a pause in your day and your opportunity to talk about issues that you can’t share with anyone else in a deep way.

The experience: The ability to open up and let our your feelings out, and your imagination, is quite therapeutic, not to mention healthy for you! You will feel a reduction in stress, and a new discovery of yourself and inner workings of your mind.

For a deep exploration and conversation, a session under 20 minutes will not suffice, so I strongly encourage you to spend a little time in conversation to help scratch the surface of your inner thoughts and feelings.

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