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I got told this today whilst I was here – drinking a sweet tea and talking on the phone. “I’m deeply submissive…”, he explained.

How Deeply Submissive?

I asked. It seems he was just about into anything: cuckolding, chastity, anal training, body worship, verbal humiliation, role play. So we combined all of that into one sweet roleplay that he won’t forget. His wife was involved in the fantasy. She was getting fucked, I was guiding along and it was all a good time. He was wearing panties and a chastity device. He was right – he was deeply submissive. Usually, I’ll have someone come to me with one or two fetishes – but not this slut. He put it all out onto the table and I played ALL THE CARDS.

How Much Have I Done in Real Life?

If I told you everything I have done – you’d say, wow, Mistress – you truly are into this. Indeed, I am. I have cuckolded. I have sissified. I have chastised. I have humiliated. I have cock-controlled. And all on one boyfriend too. He was a submissive. Right now, I sit rather single and play the field and I’m perfectly comfortable in my own company. I do play with subs but I’m not attached. Not right now.

When I want to get fucked – it’s easy. Just go to any given bar in my tight black dress, cross my legs and watch the boys squirm and crawl!

I Get A Lot of Ideas from Phone Sex Calls

I have a lot of creativity and I love to roleplay a lot. I often translate this into real life. I had a caller call Me not that long ago and wanted me to role play a nurse. My ears perked. If I wasn’t doing the phone thing – which I love -I would have been a nurse! I mean, what better way to tie down a guy and take advantage if he’s under my care, right? We did the role play and then I translated into a real session with a guy I play with on the side. I got a nurse’s uniform and put it on we role played that he came to see me and really need some urgent attention. 

I tied him down (because you know – that’s what nurses do) – and I proceeded to give him a sponge bath. Then, I teased his cock without mercy. I didn’t stop. Well, I stopped or he would have come – but I did tease him for a good two hours. Yes, you read that right. Two hours. He got breaks in between because I would smother him or do an anal probe (which he enjoyed). It was a VERY fun time.

You are My Inspiration!

So keep them coming. I want to hear from you and how you can inspire me with my subbies. Give me some ideas and if you do, I’ll be sure to blog about it and make sure you know about it. What should I do next with my subbed that I have named Scott? I’ll tell you a bit about him – he’s 5’3″, he’s into feminization and he wants to suck his first cock soon. I’m wanting to get this going for him. But what should my character be? I’m thinking a professor at a college who teaches him all about what it is to be a good cocksucker and a good sissy submissive.

Your suggestions are welcome and I’d love to roleplay it out with you first. I want to see how deeply submissive you truly are! Keep the ideas coming!

Yours, in Domination, Mistress Liz.