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I’ve been feminizing men for as long as I can remember – since college, really. I dated a rather effeminate boy and at first, I was confused why he wanted to wear my nail polish and dress up in panties. Weren’t all men Marlboro men? I grew up around some very tough guys so this was a whole other world I had to explore.

Don’t Play in My Wardrobe if You Can’t Handle It

So one day, I caught him wearing my panties. It wasn’t one of those situations where I walked in on him, no. He bent over in the kitchen to get something from the bottom drawer and I saw some very familiar lacy black panties sticking out and I couldn’t believe it. I even gasped. He turned around and said, “What?” – thinking I had saw a spider. I asked, “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?”  He tried to play coy, and I was pointing down at his crotch and immediately – he turned a bright firetruck red. I had caught him.

From there, we went down a path of feminization after I had got over my shock and anger. yes, I was angry. Those were some expensive panties he was dressing around those little balls!

No Sex For You, Sissy Poo!

It was right at that time that I cut him off for sex because I tried to get back into that mindset, but couldn’t. All I kept thinking of was his sissy ass and honestly, that doesn’t make me wet. Only men who want to wear boxers and have a big boner for me do it. But I have to say – feminizing was cerebrally delightful. I LOVED IT. It was after I started putting make up on him and making him look as passable as possible, I realized that I had a knack for this. All I could wonder was: I wonder how many other men are running around thinking of being women too?

The Road to Mental Sissification

This is when I became intensely interested in shaping men’s minds that I knew was even remotely effeminate. I mean, my mission was – stop wasting women’s time dating them and marrying them if all you want to do is wear their panties for crying out loud! So I learned trance and the best ways to mentally, physically and turn a man into a woman. If I think this is a phase in men, I won’t necessarily broach it in a serious way – play time is fun too. But, if I feel this is the way you’ve always been and you just need to be pushed because you live in fear – then, this is where I thrive!

How Many Have I Feminized?

I honestly lost count. From the start of my boyfriend until now? Hundreds? A Thousand? I mean, I also dominate men in other ways too but the topic here is sissification and feminization – and with that, I’ve become quite good in my craft. Coupled with the ability to trance, and make you understand your place – it’s a powerful thing.

Does it Turn YOU On?

I love to feminize and have been doing it for a very long time but question is – what do you love about it? That’s what I want to know. And do you like the idea of a very experienced Mistress like myself that has the ability to transform you? Tell me how. I’d love to hear from you in the comments or even in email. It would be quite interesting to see what answers I get from all you sissies, or those who are dipping their toe in for the first time.

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Ms Liz