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I get this question often. And I will break it down here in a bit but cuckolding is – while it’s been around since the Middle Ages – that we know of – cuckolding is a relatively recent phenomenon. Likened to swinging – it’s starting to make its way into mainstream and we hear of it more and more now. Cuckolding looks like it’s here to stay.

Now Why Won’t Your Wife Cuckold You?

It could be many reasons but one comes to mind: whenever I speak to the men I talk to on this topic, I often ask – “Have you spoken to your wife about this?”  Often, the comment is “No.”

I guess the question should be reversed to you – why do you want your wife to cuckold you?   To that I usually get a quieter, yet, humiliating answer like “I can’t please my wife …” Perhaps it’s because it’s his cock is too small, he ejaculates quicken that the speed of light or he has erectile dysfunctions. Or maybe he’s effeminate, or just recently discovered he REALLY is gay … the list goes on.

I often get the answer like – I’m afraid she won’t understand … my wife is very vanilla …

Communication is Key in Eroticism

I often have this conversation with many of my calls here. Even with Me – a stranger you are calling to talk about sex – you have to actually talk … about SEX. Otherwise, I’m not going to know. I think there is this urban legend misconception that women can somehow read minds. While that’s the case in some instances and I’ve been guilty of that myself, it’s really not true. We can’t read your minds – especially when you’re sitting at your desk or couch and being tight-lipped and stoic. We often don’t know what’s rolling around in your mind, so women go off and do their own thing. If you don’t tell us – we don’t know. Especially if you’re waiting for us to go to sleep at night to watch porn.

Admittedly, I’m a different breed of woman – while I expect my men to communicate, I want to know what’s lurking inside your mind. Notably – my current boyfriend of whom I deliciously dominate as often as I can. If I find a certain topic of porn on his browser or I find out he’s been wearing my panties – I will investigate. I want to know more – how long he has been thinking of this and how I can implement into our play. But I have to say – we are beyond that now. We communicate much better and he now feels comfortable coming to you.

Unfortunately, your wife or girlfriend may not be as private detective as I am. So now what?

Cuckoldy Cucks Communicate

You just have to or be stuck in fantasy land – which is fine too. If you don’t bring up how you are going to get anything started? The worst she can say is no. The more worst part is that she judges you like you have two goat heads on your head. If she’s that judgy, then I agree, don’t bring it up. But maybe she has been thinking of the same thing, maybe she’s way MORE sexual than you (it happens). Then, you should bring it up. I always coach exactly what to say in order to minimize damage and to try to sound like you care – because you DO care.

Next Up in My Next Blog: She Agreed to Cuckold Me – Now What?

If you’ve managed to navigate though a rather uncomfortable and humiliating (yet so yummy) conversation about cuckolding and she actually wants to – now what? Well that’s for my next chapter – what would you actually plan and how would this sexy plan be scintillating executed?

Mistress Liz