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As a Mistress who speaks with a lot of submissive man who have effeminate qualities, and even if they don’t – I get the question a lot: Am I Gay?


Are You Gay?: A Comprehensive Question List

So here is a list of questions to ask yourself and what we can go over in a session sometime:

  1. Do you think of men or women more in a sexual sense?
  2. Are you preoccupied with cocks? Watching them in porn, wondering about them, etc….
  3. Do you get aroused being with women? Have you had to think of being with men instead?
  4. Are you romantically interested in men? Do you want to fall in love with a man? Are you in love with a man now?
  5. Have you had a gay experience in the past and you constantly re-live it?
  6. Are you still attracted to women? If so, in what way. Do you think about what they are wearing or do you think about having sex with them?
  7. Would you rather be friends with women rather than be in a sexual/romantic relationship?
  8. Are you really good at decorating in a feminine way? I’m not talking about a man cave either – I’m talking matching colors, flowers, swatches, etc.
  9. Do you crossdress? And crossdressing is not a homosexual act, per se, but sometimes it does make one feel more feminine, and some feel more gay as a result.
  10. Have you been pushing off gay thoughts for weeks, months years?
  11. Do you watch gay porn more than any other porn?
  12. Do you call yourself bisexual?

So…. Are You Gay, Really?

We can go over this checklist together and do a more intensive interview to get to the root of it all: past, present, future. This will help to determine where you are on the spectrum. And yes – I do believe many things are on a spectrum – even the sunrise and sunset. It’s in between dark and light until it is dark and that’s on a spectrum too.

So You’re Gay….. And?

It’s okay. Seriously. The world is not going to end. Things get more complicated if you are in a long-term marriage and relationship though – but it’s still good to acknowledge where you are and WHO you are. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to do something or just stay in the fantasy? There is no right and wrong answer.

So You’re Not Gay … What Does This Mean?

Maybe you’re just cock obsessed. It happens. I have lots of men I talk to – sissies–  what have you or whatever they label themselves that are just loving on the cock and that’s it. They don’t want to have a relationship with men apart from sucking them off and that’s that. They go back to their girlfriends and have sex with them and have a relationship.

Being Gay is Not a Halloween Episode

This should not be a haunting experience. I have had people tell me they wish they weren’t gay, or a sissy, or a crossdresser or what-have-you. But – you are who you are. Being gay is not like being in a haunted house. There are not ghost dicks to run from.  You’re just attracted to men. Or maybe you’re not gay – but you love cocks. Whatever it is – just love who you are.

We can talk through it. I can also do trance to help you get through the acceptance of it – whatever that may be. Go over the questionnaire and give it some thought and we can talk about where you are in your life and in your mind.

Mistress Liz