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I just came up with a new term today talking to one of my callers and I laughed out loud so hard – I almost spit up my coffee. We were talking about how often he masturbates and he masturbates a lot! I said, my, you are a jerkaholic, aren’t you?  And he giggled and continued to jerk off as I was giving him instructions.

Why are YOU a Jerkaloholic?

Is it too much porn or are you just excessively horny? Well – did you know I could make it worse for you? While I consider myself a counselor and life coach of all things kinky – I also do trance which makes it doubly worse. And I love to couple it with whatever kink you might have too. It’s like the perfect storm – a trifecta of kink: me, you, your kink. Think about it.

If you are a jerkalohic – what kind of lube is your favorite? Is there a preference in consistency? Brand? I would assume the most prolific mastubators know exactly what they want and how to use it.

Jerkalohics come in many forms – some masturbate 3 x a day. THREE times a day! I feel some of you need to be locked up in chastity though.

Chastity and Jerkaholic-ism

It’s like that drink you want to have on a Friday night – right? Put on a little porn, turn down the lights, light a candle and lube it up. It’s been a long week. But three times a day means you need serious rehab. If I am the one to lock you up – you can only imagine that I will make you more horny via my voice and trancing. I did say I would make it worse right? It’s my specialty. Best thing to do it to adhere to a jerk-a-thon schedule when I deem fit for you.

How I Play in Chastity

It’s simple really – numbered locks. Sending out keys to your chastity to me can mean disaster for you so numbered locks are the way to go. In fact, I can trance you into loving chastity – feeling naked without your device. And a whole lot more.

There are many devices out there too so it’s important to choose which one you might like best. It’s important to be comfortable – of course, unless you’re into those spiked ones…..

How You Can Become My Jerkalohic

It’s simple. If you want to get to know me more – just shoot me an email with a question and I will get back to you. Otherwise, just call me or don’t forget – I also do texting sessions and if you have no privacy – you’re more than welcome to session with me that way. Be sure to contact dispatch and have them text me so I know you’re ready for a text session. Or email me and we will get you set up. This way, I can have you jerk off for me.

Would you want to Cum or Nah?

We’ll have to discuss in advance whether you want to give me the power to let you cum or not. Do you want be denied straight out? Then say so. But don’t say “I want to be teased and denied” then be disappointed when I deny you. I’ve had that happen. Make sure to say right upfront what you want. Remember, you have to state what preferences you have upfront then from there, I take full control of what happens to you.  How long will I deny you for? Well if you follow the rules then you will have to do as I say, but if you hang up and cum anyway – what was the point? Choose wisely.

Mistress Liz