ASMR And Tickle Fetish Bondage

ASMR: Feel The Tingle

ASMR, short for autonomous sensory meridian response, is growing exponentially in the lives of  people who need to de-stress. Sexy whispers in your ears while addressing your fetishes, tingles on the back of your spine, and finally some tickle torture while in bondage with a silk blindfold. Sound delicious? Try it with me.

ASMR and tickle fetish bondage: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sweet Torturous Tickle

Such a delightful call I had yesterday with a boy whispering in the phone as I seductively convinced him to enter my web of silk scarves and long fingernails made for the fetish of tickle torture. Not that it hurts at all. It is torturous to be tied and tickled, unable to itch that scratch. Cock teased with whispers on an erotic phone session.

Foot Fetish ASMR

Tickle fetishists often have foot fetishes of their own and of a Mistresses beautiful feet. Imagine ASMR with the long nails of a Mistress grazing the bottom of the foot, then scratching a bit harder to bring one deeper into sub space. Fingernails searching for the ribs, and using various pressure to heighten the sensory overload, especially with blindfolds. We cannot leave out the balls. CBT does not have to be rough, balls can be tickled with tools like dome shaped makeup brushes.

Getting Rough And My Choice

Rough tickle fetishists often request an intense dungeon scene of being confined in stocks with feet and other body parts being aggressively tickled with stiff brushes. The addition of body worship and queening while being bound and tickled aggressively can appeal. I prefer to give out soft and sensual with the addition of strict and demanding leading into a relaxing guided meditation while the hands and fingers do the work of tickle. Guided meditation with ASMR is most effective.

Mistress Erin