Jerk Off Therapy For Masturbation May

Jerk Off Therapy With A Strong Spanking Hand

With all of the depressing news happening in the world, jerk off therapy will always make your world so much brighter. We are in the wonderland of endorphin releasing Masturbation May. Several days ago I had a caller in need of orgasm control with spanking and cum eating. Spanking was his main kink and he wanted a reward after each edge. That reward was over the knee spanking for each edge successfully achieved. He called the right lady for spanking. I love spanking and all of its red-assed perks. Seeing a red butt proves I am an aficionado of over the knee play.

Jerk Off Therapy For Masturbation May: Mistress Erin 1-800-356-6169

Relieve Some Stress, Let It Go!

It was an exciting and stress relieving session for both of us. My Governess skills were fulfilled while his stress was reduced. A man with a demanding job will always need more jerk off therapy than most. He was athletic in his masturbation skills, allowing the edge to reach the mark perfectly. After each edge, I proceeded with the spanking, giving him at least ten strikes with the bare hand. Eventually the most achieved was 25. What a happy red assed boy he was at the end of the call. Finally, he was allowed to cum. The reward was eating it with chocolate syrup.

Jerk Off Therapy For Masturbation May: Mistress Erin 1-800-356-6169

Cum Eating With Chocolate Syrup

The next day he sent me an email about how much better he felt. I enjoy providing catharsis for stressed out boys and boys who just love to jerk off and cum. Of course there is more to a phone sex call. Getting to know you and respecting boundaries from both sides. I told him to leave a comment here after I post this. Hopefully he will, but privacy is always an issue with some. There is nothing wrong with posting under a handle with a kinky email addy.

Masturbation May Sessions

Welcome to Masturbation May! I look forward to your fantasies guiding you along to a magnificent blasting orgasm. Call me for a session or make an appointment. Relieve stress, or simply just because you enjoy jerking off for me.

Mistress Erin