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  1. Petey cream puff
    January 16, 2018 @ 12:09 pm

    Seeing you dressed up is so hot!!! As you gently grab my hand and take me to bedroom your in bra/panty set then have me take offf my clothes and put on bra/panty set. Then you take me to vanity to put makeup on me/give me feminine arched eyebrows/apply lipstick on my lips. I feel so weak/soft/helpless/submissive & feminine as you plant lipstick kisses on my cheeks. Then we go to your closet and put hot body con burgundy sheath dress over me. It fits perfectly as it’s size 6. I try to fight/resist but you giggle and give me more lipstick kisses on my cheeks saying I look so cute and adorable. Then you have me wear pumps/put long black wig on me. I can’t believe how I look as I gasp and loon like tote cream puff girl. The tent in my panties is giveaway as you sit on my lap giving me more lipstick kisses on my cheeks and get me off saying I have to stay this way all the time as your cream puff girl forever.


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