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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to drop a note to say I posted on a while back and you can sample my voice there and also get to know my style just a bit. I’ve been enjoying my time trancing boys and controlling them and really weaving some nice, long conversations with some of you.

I Love Cock Control

So one thing I have become very addicted to is controlling cocks. Yup. This girl loves it. If I can somehow get you to cum when I want – and how often – I wear it like a badge of honor. I want to control your cock and I want to make it all mine. I’ve always been rather dominant and I love to be in control but controlling cocks is my latest thing.

But Mistress? Isn’t that what being dominant is about?, you might ask.

Sure – but I always focused on the mind and only the mind, but lately, I combine both. I’ve learned to weave trance into getting what I want but that combined with me controlling your cock? Wow. The ultimate mind-controlled power pack.


Which leads me to my next thing: chastity. I don’t care how small or big or humongous you are – your cock needs to be locked up. I really think the big ones should come out to play for my own pleasure, and the little ones should really stay locked up – and the key thrown away. Know what I mean? But chastity is also another tool I love to use in getting my guys to submit to me.

First the Mind, then the Cock

I love to enter through a man’s mind first. Not the cock. A woman going right for the cock and not tantalizing the mind is just asking for everyone to end up bored. Unless, of course, you have a little one that never gets any attention! I’m laughing, but it’s true. No – it’s best to capture the mind, to trance, to tease and to titillate. Then – BAM! Make the cock hard and he’s yours forever. That’s the way it should be!

So head on over to or just click that link to go right to my post. Enjoy!

Mistress Liz

may i cum