Giantess Fantasies Sweet And Sultry

Giantess fantasies are one of my favorite sexual phone role plays. I have heard plenty of different requests for this interesting genre. I do not care for the rough stuff , but I find vore kinky in a transformational sort of way. I can elaborate on that concept if you like. I can tell you that consuming you would be worth your while. You would be digested in my superior digestive track and transform into a full grown man, destined to be my real man instead of a tiny shrunk to 2 inches male. This of course would not be the truth. The fact is a tiny boy is a delicious meal for a giant woman.

Giantess Fantasies Sweet And Sultry: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

I enjoy sensual Giantess role play who hides you in her bra, especially on the nipple where I am sensitive. I’m no push over though, you have duties like massaging every inch of my breasts, as firm as you can. You do all of the things a full size male slave does even if it takes you longer. I guarantee you will be spent after every day. But there will be rewards. Every now and again , Mistress will tickle your fancy. Yes, I know your favorite game is hiding in the folds of my sweet pussy, and you are in charge of keeping is clean with your tongue and shaved just perfectly.

Giantess Fantasies Sweet And Sultry: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

How does a tiny boy have an orgasm for Mistress? He certainly cannot fuck, Mistress demands he get on his knees on her palm to tease and stroke his cock. He sees the Giantess staring down so big and ominous. He submits to her Femdom Giantess wishes. He is careful not to cum on her palm but in his tiny hand to consume. She then puts him away in his cage until the next time.

Mistress Erin