Pegging With Sweet Sexy Humiliation

Pegging And Ass Fucking With Love

Pegging is a favorite among boy toys who love humiliation. There is something about strap on play that brings out the submissive male hiding away in some of you. It’s also quite humiliating to be taken like this, on your knees or your back.

Pegging With Sweet Sexy Humiliation. Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Hard And Hot, Slow And Sensual

Yesterday I talked to a pegging boy that did a two Mistress call with Liz and me a few weeks ago. He calls it spit roasted, a humiliation term that I love. The preparation for sucking cock, the humiliation and the threat of being put out on the street for bi cocksucking was a potent mix for this boy. Hard and hot, slow and sensual. Mean degrading humiliation is not my style. I don’t like to waste energy, I’m more on particulars, weaving the phone fantasy with words, not yelling.

Pegging And Body Worship

On the subject of pegging humiliation. Slow but intense is my motto. Of course calling you a fag is just fine, and with a whisper is even better. This boy likes foot worship so of course, he gets the reward of worshiping my feet as I step on his cock. He gets the reward of my ass on his face as he gets queened by me with a sweet humiliating slur.

Realistically Speaking, It’s No Wam Bam…

Taking time with pegging is very realistic. One must take the time to lubricate the dildo carefully. The perfect time to use the words that trigger him as the cock goes in gently at first. “Yeah, that’s a good ass fucked slut faggot” is a sample of the words that trigger. “After this, you get your reward of me sitting on your face, and hopefully you get a creampie.” If he’s lucky 🙂


Mistress Erin