Two Mistress, Three Mistress Phone Sex: Try Four

Two Mistress phone sex, especially with a sissy is loads of fun. A few days ago, I had my very first four Mistress phone sex session with three lovely Femdom on LDW.  The challenge is to have each Mistress have her say without a lot of butting in. It’s difficult because there are no physical cues. This call went smoothly because we all seemed to intuit when to speak and when not to. Thank you Ms Hunter, Ms Cassandra, and of course my friend Liz. The call was conducted on Skype some of the time with a viewing of a panty boi modeling his new collection of pastel panties, floral dress, and espadrilles. No wig, no makeup, or nails. We assumed that she was expecting her wife soon and wanted no makeup and nail polish leftovers.

Two Mistress, Three Mistress Phone Sex: Try Four Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Personally I like two Mistress phone fantasies because of the clarity and least problems with everyone talking at once. A submissive will beg to differ and most likely will not be concerned with intimate sessions. All is well if it ends well as it did with the four Mistresses involved. Now on with the show!

We saw a start to finish, from naked and shaved show. Sissy Rhonda seductively dressed in her most feminine demeanor. Her gesticulation was incredible, and she is very well practiced. Even her bed was made! How many times do we see unmade beds on cam? All too frequently. The clothing selections such as the silky floral dress demonstrated a sissy with class. We had her dress, and strip but alas, she was not a sissy slut, but a little concubine looking for the man with means. Good for you girl. She did surprise us in the end though, transforming into a CFNM performer. Versatility to say the very least. I’m hoping to hear from sissy rhonda again!

Mistress Erin