Two Femdom Penis Pumping

Two Femdom Goddesses For Your Stroking Pleasure

Two femdoms are intimidating, aren’t they? Mistress Liz and I love to subtly and erotically intimidate you as you stroke your cock to our demands. I have mentioned many times that Ms. Liz and I love working you together in so many ways. Just last week we had a sissy makeover in our care being made over from boy to a prima ballerina in the most seductive phone fantasy. Since we were viewing her on Skype, and she emailed us first with the girlie dancer outfit information, things went smoothly as we dressed her up. She had actual dancer regalia and pink satin ballet slippers. Her bedroom was androgynously decorated with fine antiques. Her request for the call was to dress, dance, and to pump her penis at the end of the call. We did correct her, informing her that it is not a penis, but a clit.

Two Femdom Penis Pumping: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Penis Pumping For All Fetishes

Not only sissies get to experience two femdom goddesses. Penis pumping is for boys of all walks, from strokers to chastity and everything in between. ASMR titillation is twice as potent, whispers in each ear delivered through your phone. You get a happy ruined orgasm, a tease and denial, but penis pumping none the less. We can play pass the penis, eventually ending with Liz and me for the grand finale.

Two Femdom Penis Pumping: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Make An Appointment With Us!

We would love it if you made an appointment in advance to be sure we are both available on the same day. Knowing your phone sex fantasy ahead of time helps us prepare to give you the sexiest service ever! Bring along your toys and your vivid imaginations. We will make you cum or not cum in the most erotic way.

Mistress Erin and Mistress Liz

Two Femdom Penis Pumping: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975