Sissy Girl: Her New Years Eve Date

Sissy Girl told me all about her feminine girlie clothes that she will be wearing for New Years Eve. I did not approve of the black color, but the style I certainly did. Short and chiffon frilly, a rhinestone studded belt with black velvet shoes with a rhinestone buckle. She told me about her black velvet bra and panties and the sheer black thigh highs. It is a frilly V neck with rhinestone buttons to the waist. Super sexy. I will ask her to provide a picture of the dress and accessories. She will be wearing a platinum blonde wig with a rhinestone hair clip, makeup done by MAC, and crystal tear drop earrings with bangles and rings. Now this was well thought out when I first saw the dress in a pic. All the rest pulled it together for Sissy Girl.

Sissy Girl: Her New Years Eve Date Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Her and her date will be going to a sexy club in Phoenix with specialty drinks, and she is prepared to have lots of sex at midnight so she says. A silver dildo and anal plug is now preparing her for the event with her manly man who is latino and very curious what it would be like to fuck a sissy. Her ass is being carefully trained with my advice. I am making her to eat cum because…YES, she will be a very good sissy slut date. They have reserved a NYE table in a dark corner so she can stroke and tease his dick all the way up to midnight. Who knows what Sissy Girl will do….get under that table, gurl!

Sissy Girl: Her New Years Eve Date Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

I can’t wait to hear the adventures come the New Year. To let you know, she has never sucked a cock before or taken it in her pussy hole. This is a very special date!

Mistress Erin