Body Worship Is On Next Months Menu

Look Forward To My Body Worship Bio

I will be sure to get a body worship bio up for the occasion. I’m slowly adding more and more bios to my pages. I hope you like them. Hope everyone is doing well and in good health. My schedule will be mostly evenings but I will be on here and there during daytime hours. I do take appointments so email me if you would like to set one up.

I Am A Goddess

Body worship is one of my specialties. Every single inch of my body begs to be worshipped like the Goddess I am. I especially enjoy long slow massages with fragrant lotion by candlelight. Cold top-shelf champagne, caviar and strawberries come to mind. Your reward can be anything from a juicy face sitting to a strict stroking session on your knees before my Goddess body.

Body Worship Is On Next Months Menu: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

A Serious Foot Slave

I once had a foot slave who bought me at least a dozen sandals, paid for all of my pedicures and bought me a pair of black leather equestrian boots. I had nail polish in every color of the rainbow and a pedicure kit that he would use on my feet during the covid period when pedicures were shut down. He became my footrest and coffee table.  When my friends came over he was ordered to give pedicures and foot massages to them. He was an amazing slave.

Breast Fetish Is About Teasing

Needless to say, breast fetishists adore me.  Breasts are easy to worship, and no touch rules are in order. A breast slave deprived of touching them keeps him submissive and blue-balled. One time I sent a slave home with just a picture of my breasts ordered to use it to stroke off on cam for me as I laughed, teased, and humiliated him.

Endless Possibilities

Body worship can be very creative using your body parts to make a boy frustrated beyond imagination. I don’t need to even mention the possibilities with Queening and face sitting.

Body Worship Is On Next Months Menu: Mistres Erin 1-800-601-6975

Call Liz And Me For 2Ms Special In February

There will be two Mistress specials next month as well. Pick a lady and call us. Don’t forget my good friend and partner is Liz. If you see us on at the same time give us a call for a two Ms. session.

Mistress Erin