1. Petey cream puff
    January 14, 2018 @ 4:12 pm

    For me it’s having you/Ms Liz and the ldw mistresses/dress/turn/lipstick kisses on my cheeks and keeping me as your cream puff girl. This is what I need & want!! This all started when I was in middle school when girl on school bus would pick out guys and sit next to them being next to window seat. This happened to me where she put blush on my cheeks/sprayed me in perfume and lipstick on my lips. It was so hot how she did this to me but I didn’t want to admit it.

    Another instance was I was in kitchen and standing under mistletoe and I had arms around my neck and had lipstick kisses on my cheeks with my step mom. She gave me 10 kisses on my cheeks and told me to go into bathroom but not wipe off lipstick but to see how they looked on my cheeks. Then she had me sit on her lap and gave me more kisses on my cheeks. Her neighbor came over with her daughter and said I looked so cute and adorable they then proceeded to put rouge on my cheeks. This happed everyday after school and I had to help them with cleaning the house/whatever they said or they would tell my dad which I didn’t want.

    1998 was where I became all in where I waited to do laundry but both machines were full and as I was walking out i caught my roommates girlfriend bra and felt how soft it was then I went to put it in bathroom and noticed she had lipstick in there and I put it on my lips then went to my room to get off. From that point on I was hooked and started buying women’s clothes/dresses/lipstick/makeup/perfumes/lotions/women’s turtleneck sweaters/tops/bras/panties/slips/leggings/yoga pants /ankle/knee high boots/wigs.
    I wished I was born a girl but I’m a girl trapped in a guys body and glad I came out to my masseuse about dressing up and she’s accepted this and is nonjudgmental as she’s had me try on dresses/makeup/lipstick/perfumes/lotions and measured/fitted me in bra along with buying purses from her as well holding her purse for her while going out with her. She even bought me bottle of tender romance Ralph Lauren perfume. Though she’s married I’m her cream puff girl as well yours/Ms Liz’s/ldw. This is who I am and become and I’ve accepted this as it’s so hot how this has happened to me and it’s dream come true. This is the relationship I want to be in an I sooo want to find a women to do this to me. I feel at my age(47) women that are sane age are married/have kids/family that I need to be open/honest when I do meet women.


    • Erin
      January 15, 2018 @ 1:17 am

      WOW, all of these experiences! The women here were sissy mistresses in the making!


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