1. Paulina
    December 17, 2018 @ 1:30 pm

    With Ms Erin having me go for therapy before we did this-I resisted as I told her I’m a guy and guys don’t let women do this to them. She giggled/gave me butterfly lipstick kisses on my cheeks and said I’m not a guy as I’m to sweet/nice to say no to. I told her I took break from lifting weights and I lost my muscle mass and became soft gaining weight and but fat, I said her body looks great with her workouts/diet and she said I don’t need to be the strong huge guy I was. We then went to mall as she took me to Victoria’s Secret for bra/panty fitting . I couldn’t believe how small I was as bra/panties fit perfect on me against my soft girlish smooth skin. She told me to come out to see me. As I walked out everyone was giggling as I was so embarrassed but she gave me more butterfly lipstick kisses on my cheeks and said to relax as I’m with her. We then went to dress shop as she had put sheath dress over me as the size 6 dress fit perfect then it was off to salon as her girlfriends were waiting for me as she put me in chair and gave me makeover/feminine arched eyebrows/lipstick on my lips/long black wig on my head,They they had me look in mirror and I couldn’t believe how I looked as a girl. They said I look way better this way then I do as a guy and there’s no need to workout anymore. Then Ms Erin said if I don’t cum they will give me back my clothes get rid of makeup/lipstick. Within 10 minutes and each butterfly lipstick kiss on my cheeks I couldn’t resist as I creamed my panties,they said I have to stay this way all the time. As I was cumming all I could say was yes mistress.

    Great call Ms Erin!!! With continued feminization circuit training program throughout 2019 I really have become the cream puff girl all of you turned me into. I’ve spent to much money on buying women’s clothes to turn back now. I realize I’m not boyfriend material anymore and if I were to I’d have to come out telling women I wear bras/panties underneath/women’s clothes/lipstick/perfumes. Honestly I want to be in female lead relationship with women as it would be best thing for me.


  2. Mistress Erin
    December 21, 2018 @ 12:50 am

    What I loved most about this training was getting you in the form fit lingerie to put the femme in all the right places. How fun are you Paulina. have a wonderful Xmas with lots of lipstick kisses!!!!


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