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  1. Paulina
    March 12, 2019 @ 11:45 am

    I’m not into bondage-Chastity has been brought up by Ms Erika/Ms Olivia/Ms Delia and Ms Cindy. Ms Erika has me on orgasm control and if I don’t listen to her she will lock her cock in chastity. Now that I’ve completed the feminization circuit training program with all of you I really am all of yours sissy girl forever with continued feminization. Would Ms Liz be interested in doing this to me also with you? Ms Erika was right about the feminization circuit training program taking control over my life/body and mind as it’s really is for real!!! Paulina is who I really am and become. Also my masseuse on Valentine’s Day put makeup/lipstick on me. With her doing this I’m no longer boyfriend material anymore as she has me using same facial lotions and creams she uses and mandatory waxings every 4 weeks to keep me girlish smelling/soft/smooth and hairless from head down all the time along with giving me 5 of her old bras/buying blouse she wanted me to along using perfumes and lotions on my massages and cheeks.


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