1. Petey cream puff
    March 29, 2018 @ 11:18 am

    You along with the other mistresses made me a cream puff girl which is what I always wanted. I’m not into guys but rather you/the mistresses turning/dressing/kissing and keeping them as girls. I’ve always had weakness with hot women as I always liked the clothes/bras/dresses they’ve worn and I wanted to wear them which I now do. What real gun would let hot women dress/kiss/turn and keep them as a girl? Not many. But I would. I was always meant to be a cream puff girl which I wish I was born a girl instead of a guy as girls are the powerful/stronger sex and men are the weaker sex.. seeing myself wearing dresses/wig/bra/panties/slip/leggings/
    boots/blouses/women’s turtleneck sweaters I look better wearing them
    then my guy clothes. It feels so much better on my waxed girlish soft smelling skin. I’m too deep to purge or go back to being the guy I was. Now that I came out to my masseuse about my dressing she’s accepted this and told me it’s who I am and become as she’s taken me out dressed along with always spraying me in perfume/having me wear dresses/makeup/lipstick/bra/panties and taking pictures of me with her phone. She can hit send anytime she wants. I’m living my fantasies through her as she told me I need to tell girl I’ve been friends with for 5 years.


    • Erin
      March 31, 2018 @ 5:17 pm

      Yes and you are very good in your path petey cream puff


      • Petey cream puff
        April 1, 2018 @ 1:10 pm

        Being your cream puff girl along with the other mistresses is what I want. With coming out to masseuse about this and soon to be with girl I’ve been seeing I want to have her take control of me. My masseuse said she suspects this as I’ve told her I like to wear perfumes/women’s lotions and she’s seen me in women’s leggings/women’s yoga pants/ankle boots but she didn’t say much nor care. I do feel she has her nails dug into me as I got reamed out by her as last summer we went out for dinner and I talked about her bff and she got pissed at me. I apologized to her and she forgave me but said not to mess with her. Her goal is to make me more well rounded. We are same are/she has no kids and we live block apart. I feel when it’s all settled we will end up together. I do want her to take control. She admitted that we have relationship/boyfriend/girlfriend thing going but said she’s spread herself to thin and needs break as she’s been busy with work/helping out her family on weekends. I’m sure it will be shock when I come out to her but I think it’s needed. We’ve been playing tennis together for 5 years and she told me she wants to do things off the court non tennis related and wants to know more about me aside tennis. I think writing is on wall for me to come out. Do you think her saying she wants to make me more well rounded is her way of taking control of me?


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