1. Paulina
    September 21, 2018 @ 11:20 am

    Hot pictures!!! With diet I need to lose weight too, I’ve gained and got fat:( what’s involved with paleo diet? I’m in process of doing inventory, I have enough dresses/ bras/panties/blouses/perfumes/lotions/
    leggings/yoga pants/heels/ankle and knee high boots along with makeup and wigs. I don’t need to buy anymore as I have enough. I do agree I need all of you to put me on diet so I can fit into dresses I have ! No one wants to see this fat sissy in body con dresses. I’m wearing panties everyday and it really does fit and feel better on my soft girlish skin. I’m getting monthly waxing on Monday so I’ll be soft/girlish smooth. With you/Ms Erika , Ms Olivia/Ms Delia/Ms Cindy and Ms Alyssa this is only way I can be with hot women. I’m
    Looking forward to to see how I look in dresses/blouses/wig/makeup/lipstick/
    Heels/ankle and knee high boots with all of your training/ tips/advice!!

    Ps my masseuse used lots of Ralph Lauren midnight romance perfume and lotion on my massages and cheeks yesterday and I reaked of this. I think she did this on purpose. She knows I’m a cream puff girl as I told her I wear women’s clothes/panties/bra/leggings ankle and knee high boots with leggings/yoga pants as well going to her place with that along with makeup and lipstick. We’ve gone out for lunch/dinner with me being dressed in leggings/ankle boots with panties/bra/women’s turtleneck sweater in perfume and lotion. She said it’s great I did this and said if anyone asks she would tell them she did this to me.


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