Guided Persuasion Mistress Erin

Guided Persuasion Mistress Erin

Welcome! I’m happy you have decided to call us for concerns beyond erotic. I am here to listen to your hopes, desires, wishes, problems, and the concerns of your daily life. Should you have much stress in your life, a guided meditation will help you through the day.

Should you need an ear to listen and to advise you in your direction, I am here. Feedback from a wise and experienced older woman is very cathartic, as we have a different point of view in  seeing the world.

Should our call go in the direction of the erotic, we will certainly address that. I have found it is great relief for a man to have an intelligent conversation with an intelligent woman who can address all topics of a man’s interest.

My quest is to have you relax from your stressful day, to leave this call with a smile and great satisfaction. To be able to carry on knowing someone out there cares for your well being. Someone who will not give you a scripted cut and paste phone sex fantasy while filing her nails or texting her friends. I am all ears, all heart, and here for you.

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