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  1. Paulina
    March 10, 2020 @ 10:09 am

    I’m same way too. Especially after my fashion experience with my friend who had me wearing women’s blouses/leggings/short bob wig/her old bra with d cup breast forms/dresses/makeup and lipstick with boots/heels in which she’s now training me to walk in as well sitting like a girl. She said I look better dressed up as a girl then I do as a guy also she played with my breast forms and wig. By doing this she’s accepted and turned on that I’m her sissy girl otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.With her doing this to me I’m her sissy girl and no longer boyfriend material anymore. After much she’s right!! ! I do look better this way. With most women my age married with kids and I’m not and girls I know are single and to young for me it’s time to accept this is who I am and become.


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