Jerking Off And Strap On Combo

Jerking Off And Strap On Combo For A Rainy Kinky Day!

I love combo calls. Cock control with a strap on is one of my favorites, hands down. Hands down for you that is! I’m a hands on Mistress often teasing the cock while employing the strap on of any size. Better yet if the recipient is a sissy with a full skirt or dress that I can toss over her head. Who doesn’t like playing  jerking off and strap on combo?

Jerking Off And Strap On Combo: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Positions Vary, Some More Kinky Than Others

With jerking off and strap on combo, combo means much more. Just imagine the positions involved. Three important ones come to mind. Ass fucked with the strap on with you on your knees. Your hand on your cock edging and stroking. My hand on your cock edging and stroking. Once the rhythm is achieved it becomes a delightful dance. This is the most dominant of positions.

On Your Back, Slave

On your back with variations. Flexible boys with legs over the Femdom shoulders. Legs spread wide and bound to the bed posts. Femdom on knees and plowing the slave aggressively, jerking his cock to a frenzy. Edging to the point of cock bobbing like crazy.

Bend Over And Grab Those Ankles

Submissive slave facing the wall standing up Mistress behind, cock being worked by either of us. This position is very dominant and fun. A good opportunity for ASMR harsh whispers. During the act, the submissive can bend over and grab his ankles while Mistress works her strap on magic. Sideways is another position for perfect comfort. I like to weave my strong legs around his legs trapping him for the tightest strap on fit.


So you see, jerking off and strap on combo is a versatile D/s practice, and I’m sure you can think of a few more methods not mentioned here. Pure delight to practice on a rainy kink day!


Mistress Erin