Creatively Visualizing Sissy Is A Real Girl

Relax, Imagine

Close your eyes and relax with me as I take you on a feminization journey of becoming a real girl with soft curves, full natural breasts, a hot pussy craving cock. Go back to the time when you panty raided and shamefully hid. We lose that feeling to make it perfectly o.k. simply because it is o.k. to be as flamboyant as possible, to be little miss sissy all dressed up in lacy panties. The days of being a panty boy paved the way to the days of full dress up.

It’s All Good

The thing is there is nothing to be ashamed of. The more you believe this the more you will feel the small penis between your legs shrink even more. The breasts begin to grow into a b cup bra. The hair on your face begins to disappear, and the rest of your body as well. your voice begins to heighten. There is a lightness in your step. Your walk becomes more feminine as your hips widen. Your high heels feel second nature.

You Are A Woman!

I tell you to squeeze your breasts together and imagine yourself with a real man who knows you are a woman. You slide to the floor taking out his big cock. You begin to suck his cock because you have studied well. You eat his cum. You are his woman, you are no longer a sissy. You are a woman.


Mistress Erin