Mistress Erin Is A Mystery

Mistress Erin Is A Mystery And Why

I have been told this many times. Where did you come from, why are you not on all of the sites? Mistress Erin is a mystery I am told. It’s a simple explanation. I am a part-time operator who has another career. I blog here and there to let you know I am still around and happy to take calls. So what does Ms Erin specialize in?

Mistress Erin Is A Mystery: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

My Specialties Are…

I have an enthusiasm for cock control at the very most. I enjoy making you beg for the orgasm you so take for granted. This way you learn to appreciate it when I allow it. All forms of cock control include chastity training, ruined orgasms, orgasm denial, and especially marathoning. Why that? This is the most challenging. I like to edge a guy multiple times, let him cum, and start over. This is very difficult to do but I will convince you to do it.

Sissy Training

My next passion is sissy training, especially with live shopping. I say charge up that phone and get in the car enfemme because you are now on an adventure. Going for lingerie is paramount with the humiliation of asking for help from an associate. If she is willing, pass the phone over so I can tell her your size, and that you must do it. With my training, makeup is essential. YouTubes will assist you and you will be expert and passable. Of course, sissy training is pretty involved. So much will be covered.

Mistress Erin Is A Mystery: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Erotic Sensual Domination

Above all, my mind is open to all roleplay except switching and submitting to you. I am not a hard domme and conduct my sessions erotically and sensuously. I am well practiced with real time fun , playing with boyfriends by studying Femdom . Putting it all into practice with willing submissive me has opened my up to those mysteries you wonder about. I can offer intelligent conversation and insight into the dominant feminine mind.


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